Order your Patients Desired Teeth Device
From Your Office and
We Fill the Entire Order From Their Home

We offer Dentists and Orthodontists a simple solution for providing their current and potential patients a means of receiving Teeth Devices from their homes.

We are committed to providing a format where dentist and orthodontists can compete with internet giants like Smile Direct Club. You place your order from this website and we correspond with your patient through our website iHomeDentistry.com so they are not aware of this website that is for dental professionals only. Please see the next section below for details of how it works.

We have created a simple process where EVERY Dentist and Orthodontist can now offer Home Dentistry to their patients without any setup expense.

This is how it works:

  1. Take your patient’s teeth device order over the phone and bill them your regular fees.
  2. Your office will then order their desired teeth device listed below.
  3. We will ship your patient the required teeth impression kit(s) needed for their device and will work with them to get an accurate impression.
  4. Once we approve the impression, we will email them a Priority Mail shipping label for them to mail their impressions into us.
  5. We will manufacture the device in 8-10 days and will ship the completed device back to your office or directly to your patient.
  6. Schedule an appointment to fit their device or to make sure it fits properly if we ship it directly to them.

We offer a free remake if the device should not fit due to a distorted impression.

Your first order will be free of charge so that you can see just how streamlined our process is. When we earn your trust, post a message on your ad in Google such as “We offer Home Dentistry” to also bring in new patients.